Cellcom, Israel’s largest operator, confirmed it will file a liquidation request against Golan Telecom on 30 November (tomorrow), days after it first suggested such a move.

“The company filed today a request to appoint an interim liquidator to Golan Telecom and will file a liquidation request against Golan tomorrow (due to procedural reasons), following Golan’s failure to pay the company all due amounts,” it explained in a statement.

The action follows a demand from Cellcom that Golan pay ILS600 million ($155 million) for national roaming services. Cellcom has already initiated legal proceedings, which it will continue, and the liquidation request is an additional measure.

The operator’s statement added that it cannot estimate what the decision of the request will be, or its impact on Cellcom’s ability to collect the money owed by Golan.

“As previously reported, a substantial reduction of the future revenues from Golan will have a material adverse effect on the company’s revenues and results of operations,” it said.

In an earlier statement, Cellcom also said it is in advanced negotiations for a possible network sharing agreement with an unnamed third party interested in the purchase of Golan Telecom. Such an agreement would enable it to resolve its differences with Golan.