SK Telecom (SKT) joined an ongoing 6G partnership between Nokia, NTT Docomo and its parent with the aim of broadening the scope and scale of AI-enabled air interface testing and validation, and looking at a wider range of business use cases.

In a statement, SKT explained an AI air interface is a vital next-generation technology with the potential to boost network performance while increasing energy efficiency in future 6G network.

The four companies are developing proof-of-concept systems, which they will test using selected use cases and scenarios.

Over-the-air validation tests will be conducted in laboratories and outdoors to simulate real network results.

The group is working to improve AI model performance by using data generated from real networks or through simulation, which they stated would be key in developing training models for a best-in-industry air interface platform.

They plan to show a video demonstration of a proof-of-concept at SKT’s stand at MWC Barcelona 2024 next week.

Docomo and NTT detailed plans to trial next-generation mobile technologies with Nokia, NEC and Fujitsu in 2022, focused on sub-terahertz spectrum and AI-enabled interfaces.

In 2023, Nokia and the two operators claimed progress on an AI-based air interface and sub-terahertz spectrum to boost capacity.