BT Group’s network unit Openreach reportedly made moves to reduce its prices and offer low-cost deals for its wholesale services, as it looks to secure upgrades from high-profile customers to fibre technology.

Financial Times reported Openreach held talks with big corporate customers including Vodafone UK, TalkTalk and Sky, opening up the possibility of changing its pricing structure and help move customers from copper to full fibre.

The proposal, dubbed Equinox 2, is the second time the company made efforts to reduce wholesale pricing since 2020, as Openreach faces challenges from smaller network companies which are also pushing fibre services, the biggest of those being CityFibre.

BT is also facing competition from the recently merged Virgin Media O2.

Equinox 1 offered fixed prices for ten years and cheaper prices for customers taking up full fibre products if companies committed to stop sales of legacy copper products.

FT reported Equinox 2 includes reduced charges for companies which use their network on an ongoing basis, like Sky, decreasing share of revenue per customer that goes to Openreach and decreasing charges for shifting customers from copper to fibre lines.

Among its other efforts, Openreach committed to spend £12 billion on fibre to reach 25 million homes by the end of 2026.

BT plans to make its revamped pricing structure official in December.