AT&T moved to make its fixed wireless access (FWA) service easier to install, expanding availability of equipment enabling set-up in 15 minutes as it seeks to scale availability.

In a blog, Erin Scarborough, president of broadband and connectivity initiatives, explained its Internet Air equipment has been deployed in areas where it is closing its copper-based DSL service. The set-up is also being used by small businesses and could be deployed in rural areas covered by government broadband subsidies.

CEO John Stankey highlighted potential to improve self-installation levels for AT&T’s FWA service during its Q2 earnings call.

Scarborough explained Internet Air installation can be completed in five steps, with customers scanning a QR code to access instructions.

AT&T also has an app to identify the optimal location for the FWA router.

The service cost $55 per month, fixed for a year, with no overage or equipment charges, and no need for an annual contract.

It offers typical data rates of 40Mb/s to 140Mb/s in the downlink, well in excess of the average 6Mb/s on AT&T’s DSL service.