Seven mobile operators have formed an alliance to address the M2M market, stating that the “scale resulting from the cooperation of this group of operators will be of the utmost importance in addressing the complex and fragmented nature of the M2M market."

Founder members of the group are KPN, NTT Docomo, Rogers, SingTel, Telefonica Digital, Telstra and VimpelCom.

The intention of the partnership is to deliver a “global, unique seamless solution” delivering communications to multinational customers requiring M2M device connectivity.

In a statement, it was noted that “as a result of this joint collaboration, all the participant companies will increase their capability to offer better value propositions to their respective customers in different markets and geographies.”

The group will offer a global product featuring a “unique SIM”, and a unified web interface and centralised management of devices, powered by Jasper Wireless. This is expected to lead to “cost reduction and enhancement of user experience and convenience.”

The alliance will also “continuously cooperate with the aim of enhancing the development of the market dynamics and the enrichment of customer experiences, with a specific focus on meeting the expectations and requirements of existing and potential global customers”.