Samsung launched its new Music Hub service, debuting alongside its flagship Galaxy S III smartphone, and “hitting European markets today.”

It will first be available to device owners in Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the UK, and the company has not so-far detailed rollout plans for additional markets.

The service is based on technology services from mSpot, a mobile content service provider Samsung acquired in recent weeks.

Music Hub is described as “optimised for mobile,” with “advanced streaming and downloading options” designed to save storage space, support offline playback, and minimise mobile data usage.

Settings are also tailored to prolong battery life and ensure smooth streaming “even under spotty network coverage.”

It will be available to a wider range of devices in the future, and an online version is available for PC use.

The service will be available in both free and premium versions, with the latter costing EUR9.99 per month and enabling users to store their own content for access across multiple devices, as well as providing unlimited streaming of songs in the catalogue.

Music Hub will offer access to a 19 million song library provided by digital music company 7digital. Purchased content is stored in the cloud and automatically appears on all of a user’s devices, while music can also be stored locally on devices for offline listening.

The service will also offer content recommendations based on users’ listening profiles.