Reliance Jio expanded its line of own-brand devices, launching a Bluetooth-enabled tracking gadget to rival Apple’s AirTag product.

The imaginatively-titled JioTag (pictured, right) is on sale in the operator’s home market of India, offering the ability to locate various items when paired with a smartphone.

JioTag is being sold for an introductory price INR749 ($9.08), which The Times of India indicated makes it “one of the most affordable” tracking gadgets in the country.

After the initial offer, the product will retail for INR2,199.

The product runs Bluetooth 5.1 with a range of up to 20 metres inside or 50 metres out, provided there is a direct line of sight to the item being tracked. Jio claims a battery life of up to a year, with the power unit capable of being replaced.

In its article, The Times of India indicated JioTag can also be used to trace lost smartphones, prompting the device to ring regardless of whether it is in silent mode.

JioTag also connects to a community feature which the newspaper explained offers the option to seek help in locating lost items.