Orange Business pushed out two generative AI (GenAI) offerings covering infrastructure and applications, a move it claims supports enterprises’ deployment of the technology and development of use cases.

The operator’s business unit stated it partnered with French start-up LightOn and the two offerings made it the “first on the market to cover the entire lifecycle of trusted GenAI solutions, from ideation to maintenance”.

Coming to the solutions, the application offering is a fully integrated software-as-a-service product designed for enterprises of all sizes. It is “ready-to-use” and can adapt to a wide range of use cases including document management, reporting and content generation. LightOn provides large language models (LLMs) and the business interfaces, while the service can be tailored to different organisations “by integrating specific document databases”.

It is entirely managed by Orange Business, which cited its data confidentiality, security and cost credentials.

The operator stated its infrastructure-as-a-service, or “GPU-as-a-service”, product caters to customers requiring complete control over infrastructure which can host all types of GenAI projects. The company provides the GPU hardware to allow businesses to deploy their own LLMs with a partner of their choice, addressing two primary use cases: training of complex models requiring significant computing power; and inference for large-scale projects, tailored for a large number of users.

Both services are hosted in Orange’s data centres and on its cloud platform Avenue, operated by Orange Business.

Laurent Daudet, CEO of LightOn, said it was an ideal partner for Orange Business, given it is a “strong advocate of open source” and is committed to data sovereignty.