Oppo committed to implementing FIDO Alliance standards to boost the authentication security on its smart devices, a move the vendor predicted would reap benefits for users by simplifying access to multiple accounts and services.

The Chinese vendor stated it will deploy systems based on current FIDO Alliance specifications, which employ public passkey cryptography to deliver a single sign-on mechanism.

In addition, Oppo plans to contribute to the development of future specifications with the aim of enabling users to use their smartphone as a passkey for services spanning various browsers, apps and platforms.

Oppo claims this will help “create a seamless connected experience” on existing and new devices.

FIDO Alliance was founded in 2012 to develop standards enabling password-free user authentication and login. Oppo explained the group’s latest specification “provides a secure and convenient technical framework” which attracted big names including Qualcomm, Microsoft and Google.

The vendor further noted a typical user today has “dozens of online accounts”, posing a challenge in terms of password management.

It added password-only authentication systems face challenges including “high administration costs” of changing users’ credentials along with the more obvious vulnerabilities caused by weak passwords.