SK Telecom and six other companies including Nokia formed an alliance tasked with promoting developments in the quantum ecosystem, through exploring joint investment opportunities and launching a consultative body.

In addition to SK Telecom and Nokia, the alliance includes quantum VPN provider Xgate, hardware-based cryptographic module specialist KCS, quantum communication solutions company IDQ Korea, SOS Lab and Wooriro as its members.

In a translated statement, the South Korean operator explained the companies involved possess “key technologies and components in the quantum field”, and a joint brand is set to launch in the first half of 2024 to confirm an official name for the group.

The alliance’s key focuses include exploring joint business opportunities, the promotion of investments across global companies and the establishment of a consultative body charged with overseeing the performance of the quantum alliance.

There are also plans to participate in domestic and international exhibitions to encourage competitiveness of quantum innovations and services, as well as introduce the technology to new markets through B2B and public-private partnerships.

The alliance will also target local and overseas quantum markets and it expects to expand its membership and prepare more products around quantum technology.

Global solutions office manager at SK Telecom Ha Min-Yong said: “We will create a new business, and based on this, we will push for entry into the global market”.