Axiata Group selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its primary cloud provider, part of a plan to migrate mission-critical services by end 2024.

AWS stated Axiata will move more than 650 services to the cloud, spanning customer care, enterprise resource planning and human resources. The operator also plans to shift machine learning (ML) applications.

It will also use AWS technologies including data analytics, generative AI and ML to drive business decisions and offer tailored services to new markets across telecoms, banking and payment industries.

Axiata’s various operator units will tap AWS security features including identity and access management and encryption.

AWS stated Axiata is also employing a service providing multiple foundation models through an API to create “experimental generative AI applications to improve productivity across all business lines, including customer service, finance, human resources and sales”.

The operator also tapped Amazon SageMaker to “build, train and deploy ML models”.

AWS added Axiata’s Indonesian operator XL deployed Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service to launch mobile applications “without needing to manage underlying infrastructure”.

The Amazon product is “a managed service, which gives companies the flexibility to start, run and scale Kubernetes in the cloud”, AWS explained.

Axiata CIO Anthony Rodrigo said AWS’ generative AI and ML capabilities enable it to “deliver on the needs of customers rapidly, securely and more cost effectively”, with the cloud providing “the agility to build new business models”.