Rovio announced it is will launch an augmented reality (AR) title called Angry Birds: First Person Slingshot later this year, via the Magic Leap One headset and in partnership with studio Resolution Games.

The game “will provide a first-person slingshot to let players see incredibly realistic animated characters and objects overlaid onto their actual environment, bringing Angry Birds to life like never before – right in users’ homes,” the company said in statement.

Rovio talked up the studio it worked with on the game, saying that “in their first three years, they have produced one of the most popular virtual reality titles of all time (Bait!) and their games are among the highest rated on their respective platforms.”

CEO Kati Levoranta, stated: “We’re excited to expand the Angry Birds brand and universe to new and emerging platforms like Magic Leap”.

Access to the game will be limited by the fact the Magic Leap device costs $2,295 and has only been shipping in the US for about a month. It is likely Rovio is trying to be an early adopter of the technology with the hopes it will pay off in the future.

A report in The Verge stated Rovio is also looking into making the new game available as a standard app which uses mobile AR frameworks.

Last month it was reported Rovio enjoyed a boost in games revenue during the second quarter, although overall revenue and operating profit fell year-on-year.