Proposed US wholesale LTE network LightSquared is looking into the possibility of hiring former CEO of Nextel, Timothy Donahue, as its new CEO, according to Reuters sources. Sanjiv Ahuja resigned as LightSquared CEO last week.

Donahue was CEO of Nextel when it was bought by US operator Sprint in 2005 and was chairman of Sprint Nextel until 2006. His experience of working with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to move Nextel spectrum due to concerns about interference with public safety services could prove useful in helping LightSquared receive regulatory approval for its network.

Another Reuters source said the company already has a shortlist of candidates who have telecommunications industry and Washington politics experience to fill the role.

The company – which is heavily backed by hedge fund manager Philip Falcone – is fighting for its survival as its LTE network has been shown to interfere with critical GPS services due to its proximity to the GPS band.  

The FCC said last month that it planned to withdraw its approval of LightSquared’s network after tests by a government agency reported that it would interfere with critical GPS devices and transmission.

LightSquared subsequently announced it would be cutting 45 percent of its workforce in a bid to cut costs and to “ensure the long-term success of the company."