South Korea’s SK Telecom and Nokia Networks demonstrated that TD-LTE using three-band carrier aggregation combined with 256 QAM-capable devices can boost the peak throughput rate from 110Mb/s to 428Mb/s.

A trial in South Korea used a Qualcomm Snapdragon LTE modem and Nokia’s load balancing capabilities across three 20MHz carriers to optimise the 60MHz of spectrum.

The companies said they plan to strengthen their collaboration by setting up a TD-LTE testbed and conducting trials of TD-LTE services.

The two firms also announced they will jointly develop narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) communication technologies and explore the likely use cases. Both firms are supporting the standardisation of NB-IoT at 3GPP.

NB-IoT, which is designed specially for low-power IoT applications, will operate in a dedicated 200kHz band of spectrum.