YouTube Go reached 10 million downloads just weeks after the app moved out of beta phase and launched in a number of emerging markets including India and Indonesia.

The app, which is a light emerging market friendly version of the main video streaming app, hit the milestone today (19 December) on the Android Play Store, Android Police reported.

YouTube Go allows users to save videos to watch offline and share content with others via Bluetooth. It is available in a handful of countries with the main aim of allowing users to view content in areas of the world where strong connectivity is difficult to access. For example, the app provides several compression controls for video quality and data usage.

The app moved out of beta phase in November, after first being announced by Google in September 2016. Hitting 10 million downloads is indeed impressive given the short time it has been available and the fact it is yet to release globally.

Google could yet opt to extend YouTube Go beyond emerging markets.