Anthropic announced it would be one of the first companies to deploy new chips from Google, further cementing ties between the two companies following a recent investment in the AI start-up.  

The AI company plans to deploy Google Cloud’s latest generation TPU v5e chips for use in its Claude large language model (LLM).

As part of the deal, Anthropic is now using Google Cloud’s security services.

The companies have collaborated since 2021 when Anthropic was founded.

Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, stated the partnership “would bring AI to more people safely and securely” and the companies shared the same values in regard to developing it.

Bloomberg reported Anthropic recently agreed to pay Google more than $3 billion over four years to use its cloud computing services.

Reuters previously reported Google made an upfront investment of $500 million in Anthropic and committed an additional $1.5 billion going forward.

Anthropic also has ties with Google rival Amazon, which announced a strategic partnership in September to take a minority stake and invest $4 billion.

Google, Microsoft, Amazon and ChatGPT developer OpenAI, among others, are fiercely competing with each other across the generative AI sector.