The US is proving to be the biggest market for app downloads from Windows Phone 7 (WP7) Marketplace, with 101,000 free downloads and 20,000 paid downloads made each day for the top 300 most-downloaded apps in October.

Germany is second with the UK, France and Italy following, but with significantly lower volumes than the US, according to the latest report from app analytics firm Distimo. Japan is seventh with nearly 6,000 top 300 apps downloaded per day.

But one year after its launch, WP7 Marketplace remains 39 times smaller in terms of total download volume than Apple’s App Store for iPhone in the US. The difference is greater with free apps, where 43 times more were downloaded from the App Store. In contrast, the difference for paid apps was 16 times (see below).

Paid apps have been added at a fairly consistent rate of 1,300 per month, while the rate of free apps being added has hit 1,650 per month. The number of new app publishers arriving on WP7 Marketplace is 700 per month.

Games are the most popular type of app in WP7 Marketplace globally, with a third of the top 100 free apps being games and 54 percent of paid apps. Tools and Productivity, Entertainment and Travel and Navigation are also popular categories.