A US court will decide whether to issue a banning order over the use of social media app TikTok in the country in a hearing scheduled for 4 November, a day after the country’s presidential election, Reuters reported.

US District Judge Carl Nichols, who issued a preliminary injunction against a block on TikTok downloads on 27 September, will make a ruling on the ban which could come into force on 12 November, the media outlet noted.

In August, US President Donald Trump issued an executive order requiring China-based TikTok owner ByteDance to divest its US operations and destroy related data, as a measure to alleviate national security concerns.

BBC News cited Nichols as stating there was evidence China presented risks to national security, however it was not clear enough whether TikTok also posed a threat.

ByteDance is in the process of sealing a deal with Oracle and Walmart, which would allow them to own a total of 20 per cent of TikTok Global.