Top Chinese tech companies including Tencent, Huawei and Xiaomi started enforcing strict government measures requiring developers to reveal business details in order to publish new apps on the companies’ app stores, Reuters reported.

Sources told the news outlet the rules could make publishing apps in China much more difficult, with many existing options likely to be removed.

The companies are complying with regulations which gave developers until the end of August to file their business details with the government and for app stores to set up systems to ensure compliance.

Rich Bishop, CEO of app publishing platform AppInChina, told Reuters the regulation forces all global players to establish a Chinese entity or work with a local partner.

Android-based app stores operating in China sent notices to publishers advising new services will be withheld if they do not have the required documentation, Reuters wrote.

It added device makers Oppo and Vivo are among the companies informing developers of the change.