Counterpoint Research cited a greater number of use cases and thinner models for a jump in interest in larger-style foldables in the Chinese market, where sales almost doubled year-on-year in Q1.

The analyst company reported sales of book-like foldables were up 91 per cent whereas the clamshell form-factor was down 1 per cent. The overall foldable market in the country was up 48 per cent.

Counterpoint Research noted the screen size on the larger foldables provided “better multi-tasking capabilities, enabling users to run multiple apps at the same time and switch back and forth more efficiently”, describing this as providing a more tablet-like experience.

Huawei was credited with leading the market, with its figures boosted by the introduction of its first 5G-enabled foldables in September 2023 and earlier this year.

The analyst company also pointed to releases from Honor and others comprising light and slim designs which are then sold at what it describes as “fair price value”.

Counterpoint Research did not disclose the number of units sold, but noted it expects continued growth in foldable sales in China, predicting the form-factor to remain a bright point in the country’s smartphone market.