Tencent is set to launch its popular Honour of Kings game in North and South America, with the tech giant reworking the game in a bid to gain global popularity.

Set for launch in the two markets today (19 December), Honour of Kings will be available on Android and iOS under the brand name Arena of Valor, as the Chinese company looks to expand the audience of a game with approximately 200 million monthly players in China.

Arena of Valor already soft-launched in a handful of countries outside China, starting with South Asia and more recently European countries including Spain and Germany.

According to The Verge, Tencent, which first launched Honour of Kings in 2015, built an internal team specifically devoted to localising the game for new markets, with some of the fundamental aspects of the game altered from the original to take into account the different countries.

Arena of Valor already exists as a multiplayer online battle game, a genre which is gaining popularity through e-sports companies and PC-based games including Dota 2 and League of Legends.

Tencent’s version is designed for mobile devices and The Verge noted Honour of Kings’ popularity increased because the app allows users to access other services aside from the gameplay, for example chat services through China’s WeChat.

Alterations to the game include changes to style and interface design, sound and music. There are also different characters, with those from Chinese folklore replaced by superheroes including Batman and Wonder Woman.

Instead of WeChat, users in the US and Europe can use Facebook to connect on the game.

Mobile analyst company Apptopia estimated Arena of Valor hit 2 million downloads since first debuting in Europe in early August.

In July Tencent announced limits on the number of hours children could play Honour of Kings after parents complained about the addictive nature of the game, Reuters reported.