Sony will release around six PlayStation games for iOS and Android next year, first in Japan before moving into other Asian markets.

The consumer electronics giant launched ForwardWorks, a unit designed to create apps for PlayStation games, back in March, but there was no word on which titles it would release until now. ForwardWorks is also partnering up with video game developer Square Enix.

Sony’s portfolio will start with a smartphone version of Hot Shots Golf in spring 2017 and What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord? in the summer.

New games based on Wild Arms and Arc the Lad will follow, although no release date was given, and the firm showed teasers of potential games around the Doko Demo Issho, My Summer Vacation, and Parappa the Rapper titles at a press conference.

“With so many releases of smartphone games, it is becoming difficult to reach users… but we can make full use of the intellectual property that we own, which is why we are rolling out smartphone games at this timing,” The Wall Street Journal reported Tomoki Kawaguchi, executive director at ForwardWorks, as saying.

Sony is also developing a “smartpad” called Project Field, which supports trading card games (detecting cards using embedded wireless technology). ForwardWorks is working on content for this, and the first release will be based on a game series called Yo-Kai Watch.

The company tried to enter the mobile gaming market before: In 2012, it launched a platform called PlayStation Mobile for Android users, but the service was shut down last year.

Another company which delayed its moves into mobile, Nintendo, partnered with DeNA and has already launched its first app Miitomo, with its second, Super Mario Run, out next week.

Back in September, Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai said the firm is “aggressively getting into mobile gaming” and wants to add augmented reality capabilities to its apps, inspired by Pokemon Go.