Orange announced a “major innovation” for its Libon communications app, also stating it will become the group’s consumer app for rich communications.

Libon will now enable users to chat and share with all of their contacts, regardless of whether they have the app installed or not. As long as the contact is using a device with HTML5 browser, they can now participate in a Libon chat session.

Luc Bretones, EVP of Orange Technologies and Orange Vallee, said: “We have developed a service that means users of Libon no longer need to worry about what app or service their friends use to communicate. They can message and share information without thinking about it.”

The operator also said that the joyn-compatible app will become its consumer app for all joyn-enabled services at Orange.

It is “committed to launching joyn across its footprint”, having launched in France and Spain, with trials in Luxembourg, Poland, Romania and Slovakia with more countries to come throughout 2014.

Libon will be the consumer app for new joyn launches, and will replace the joyn by Orange apps available in France and Spain.

It is also accelerating the rollout of native joyn mobiles in France and other Orange European countries, to “rapidly grow the number of joyn users”.

Libon can also be licensed by other operators interested in providing “a rich joyn and over-the-top compatible messaging solution for their customers”.

It can be licensed as-is, or customised and adapted to the licensee’s brand.