Smartphone security vendor Mocana has released a mobile app security technology for Android devices.

Mobile App Protection (MAP) for Android is designed to help businesses make their corporate mobile devices more secure, especially with the huge increase in the number of apps being used within businesses.

As smartphones have very little on-board security, Mocana said apps are difficult to use in a business context as it is hard to control the flow of information between apps and the Internet.

MAP allows IT admins to specify security policies for each enterprise app – and the information they store and transmit – on each device within the organisation’s network. The technology uses the master data management functionality to make apps “self-defending”, according to Mocana.

The technology also allows IT departments to manage and secure apps they have created but which are used outside their network. MAP will soon be available for iOS apps, with additions such as geographical limits on app use and time locking for apps also in the pipeline.