App discovery company Mimvi has launched its App Search app for Android, allowing users to search and find apps and receive personalised recommendations.

Using proprietary algorithmic technology Mimvi App Search — which is now free to download on Google Play — matches queries to recommendations, rather than relying on pre-defined lists of apps. It also allows users to discover related apps.

Mimvi first launched the app for Windows Phone 8 in November 2012, before adding an iOS version in January.

When the iOS version was submitted, Mimvi CEO Michael Poutre said the timing was in line with the company’s product plan, which gives Windows Phone 30-days of exclusivity ahead of other platforms.

Mimvi announced in September that it had partnered with Microsoft to develop products and services to complement Windows Phone 8 and the Windows Azure cloud computing platform.

“We’re excited to offer our technology to the millions of Android users to enable them to find new and relevant app results right from their phone,” said Mimvi founder Kasian Franks.