The Republic of Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC) continued to press its European counterparts to block Meta Platforms transferring users’ data to the US, updating a provisional ban issued in 2020 due to security concerns, Reuters reported.

If adopted, the DPC’s move would prevent Meta Platforms employing a legal tool which enables data flows from the European Union (EU) to its domestic US market.

Meta Platforms’ European headquarters are in Dublin, meaning it falls under the DPC’s influence.

Reuters reported the DPC had circulated the draft order with other EU regulators, which have a month to lodge any objections under the bloc’s privacy rules.

If objections are raised, it could significantly delay the DPC’s planned move, the news outlet stated.

In 2020, a European court invalidated a data transfer agreement between the EU and due to concerns around the latter’s surveillance practices, though Reuters reported the bloc and US subsequently negotiated a workaround.

Meta Platforms has since repeatedly threatened to block services including Instagram and Facebook in Europe, Politico reported.

Reuters noted the US and EU continue to attempt to negotiate a new arrangement covering the flow of data.