Research house IDC said that 79 percent of surveyed mobile app developers plan to integrate HTML5 into products they launch this year.

The company said that by 2015, more than 80 percent of all mobile apps will be either wholly or in-part based on the web technology.

Providing customer demand, it also said that in 2013 there will be more than 1 billion devices with supporting browsers.

The company published the figures in support of the Core Mobile Web Platform Community (Coremob), which was described as “a forum for the global mobile developer and IT community to focus and accelerate the evolution of the mobile web as a compelling platform for the development of modern mobile web applications.”

It also noted the capabilities of HTML5 browsers in line with the Ringmark testing suite from IDC and Facebook.

“HTML5 is one of the fastest evolving and most important areas of mobile app innovation. Ringmark in turn is an important tool providing mobile app developers the ability to test how well different mobile browsers support key app functionalities, allowing developers to strategise and code accordingly," said Scott Ellirson, VP of Mobile and Connected Consumer Platforms at IDC.