Developers that have built titles that integrate with the Health app on iOS 8 are now launching their products after a glitch with the operating system was resolved.

Apps that made use of the HealthKit API were initially pulled from the App Store after an issue with the platform was discovered.

A subsequent update to fix the issue, iOS 8.0.1, was halted after causing connectivity issues for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices, as well as disabling the TouchID security function.

But iOS 8.0.2 was introduced last week and developers are now starting to launch products that make use of HealthKit.

Since the tools were announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June, the likes of Nike, Jawbone and MyFitnessPal worked to integrate their apps in time for the launch of iOS 8, alongside the new iPhone 6 models.

Calorie intake tracking app MyFitnessPal, which was quoted by Financial Times as one of the titles that had been affected by the initial issue with iOS 8, is now available with HealthKit integration.

In addition, Jawbone launched its Up app which makes use of HealthKit and iPhone 6 hardware to deliver advice based on users’ activity and diet. The new version of Up works independently of Jawbone’s smart band.

Also launched is personalised coaching app Lark, which connects to the Apple Health app to provide data using the iPhone’s M7 and M8 motion sensors to create a record of sleep and other activity such as cycling, running and walking. It also provides a way to measure nutritional data.

Health and wellbeing company Humana,meanwhile launched HumanaVitality, which uses HealthKit to help users reach specific health goals, such as eating better, losing weight or reducing stress.