Google’s acquisition of mapping app maker Waze, reportedly worth $1.1 billion, will not be challenged by antitrust regulators in the US, reports Bloomberg.

Sources said the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which contacted Google about the transaction shortly after it was announced in June, appears to have no concerns about the deal harming competition.

It was suggested that it was unlikely the watchdog would call for the deal to be terminated as evidence would be needed to show it had significantly hurt competition in the mobile and navigation app market.

One potential concern could have been that Google’s primary motivation for the deal was to keep Waze out of the hands of its rivals. Prior to the Google deal, Waze had been linked to Facebook and Apple.

The UK’s Office of Fair Trading (OFT) issued a call for evidence on the deal in August although it was unclear which areas were being looked at. Google said it will keep the Waze business and brand separate from the rest of its business during the OFT investigation.

US advocacy group Consumer Watchdog voiced its opposition of the Google-Waze deal in a letter written to the US Department of Justice in June.