Google prepared to stop collecting identifying information from iOS users to circumvent a controversial Apple policy which will require consent before apps can track their activity.

Advertisers including Google have so far used the unique iOS identifier for advertisers (IDFA) to trace user activity across apps and deliver personalised marketing. However, Apple’s forthcoming App Tracking Transparency policy will require consumers to opt-in to such monitoring.

In a blog, Google Ads group product manager Christophe Combette said it plans to stop using IDFA once the rule takes effect, noting this will allow it to avoid using a consent pop-up.

He said the plan would apply to a “handful” of its apps.

Echoing earlier warnings from Facebook, Combette said Apple’s move will impact advertising campaign performance tracking, meaning “app publishers may see a significant impact to their Google ad revenue on iOS”.

Despite being a vocal critic, Facebook last month stated it would adhere to Apple’s new rules to avoid its app being blocked from the App Store.