Internet regulators in Beijing added Apple to a list of companies targeted by the government for having loopholes in their review process for live-streaming apps, Xinhua reported.

In cooperation with the Beijing Public Security Bureau and Beijing Cultural Market Administrative Law Enforcement Team, the Beijing Cyberspace Administration will urge Apple to introduce more stringent checks on apps in the App Store, Xinhua reported.

Law enforcement officials said they met Apple representatives about examining live-streaming apps in the smartphone giant’s app store.

The move is yet another setback in China for Apple, where a series of legal and regulatory hurdles continue to hurt its competitive position in the vendor’s second largest market. In May 2016, CEO Tim Cook met with high-level Chinese officials to try to reduce tension.

Cook’s meeting came around the same time a Chinese court unexpectedly ruled a local producer of leather goods was the rightful owner of the iPhone trademark.

In a rare legal win for Apple in China, an intellectual property court in March overturned a ban on Apple selling iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus phones in the country, ruling the US vendor did not violate the design patent of a previously unknown Chinese firm.

In a crackdown on live-streaming websites, the Beijing cyber regulator found Toutiao, Huoshanzhibo and Huajiao violated legal regulations, Xinhua said. The regulator said “significant loopholes” existed in the trio’s management of live-broadcast products, user classification and authentication of user identity.