Amazon added two new features to its Mobile Ad Network to allow developers to track campaigns in terms of geography and mobile device type.

Developers can now choose to run reports on ad performance in US, Canada, Asia, Europe and others.

Although most of Amazon’s ads are served to users in the US, the new functionality will allow developers to analyse app usage outside the US to help them make informed decisions about how to monetise non-US traffic.

The ability to find which type of device made an ad request has also been added. Smartphone and tablet versions could potentially vary widely in ad performance and the new analytics will shed light on which form factor and operating system combinations convert best.

The refinements to the performance reports means developers can obtain detailed information on regional fill rates, understand ad request volume by platform, and compare Amazon Mobile Ad Network to other similar networks.

Developers need to integrate the Mobile Ads API to access the free analytics tools, which also include data on which apps are using ads most effectively, total numbers of impressions and what ad sizes get the best return on investment.