North American video networking company Haivision declared mobile as in vogue among broadcasters, with regular research showing strong interest in 5G along with compatible private networks.

A survey of 800 broadcast executives conducted between October and December 2023 showed mobile technologies are the second-most popular means of network transport after the internet.

The company stated 60 per cent of broadcasters are already using 3G, 4G or 5G “for live video contribution”, compared with 80 per cent employing internet connectivity.

Haivision also found high interest in 5G, reporting 74 per cent said they already use or plan to use the technology for broadcast contribution, a term used to describe the delivery of offsite live streams to a studio.

It added 46 per cent “anticipate” using private 5G for this purpose.

Markus Schioler, VP of marketing, stated Haivision’s 2024 Broadcast Transformation Report showed use of private 5G and AI are emerging trends.

The company found 60 per cent expect AI to be “the technology that will have the biggest impact on the broadcast industry in the next five years”, with 49 per cent planning or already employing it “in their workflows”.

A large proportion (84 per cent) also “use at least some cloud-based technology”, though Haivision noted “only 22 per cent” employ it in “more than half of their current workflow elements”.

Schioler described the use of cloud and mobile networks as an evolving trend, along with high efficiency video coding (HEVC), used by 67 per cent in broadcast contribution workflows.