Amazon continued the rollout of its Appstore with the addition of 41 new markets, including Singapore, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, and Turkey.

The company said that apps can now be made available via its store in “some of the most populous and connected nations in the world”. The portal is now present in 236 countries and territories, after the online retailer ramped-up its rollout following a leisurely start.

Noting that some of the new additions have their own legal requirements, Amazon said that “as always, you should familiarise yourself with any content guidelines or rules that may be imposed by specific governments in the countries in which you select to distribute your apps”.

Apps that are already live will automatically be distributed in the new regions if the “all countries” option was selected at submission, and it complies with local restrictions. Alternatively, developers can “fine tune” distribution by selecting markets individually.

Amazon has not detailed the monetisation options available in the new markets. While it is rolling out its Coins virtual currency, this has only been done in a small number of markets, and likewise its mobile advertising efforts have been similarly geographically focused.

In June, Amazon said that its Appstore had seen its catalogue tripling in twelve months to reach 240,000 apps, with around three quarters of developers finding that average revenue per user is the same or better than for other platforms.