Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant made popular by its Echo devices, is now available in the Amazon Music app on iOS and Android in the US, UK, Germany and Austria.

It will give users access to “the power of natural language voice controls with a rich, visual app experience,” Amazon announced in a statement.

Music listeners will be able to browse the app interface via Alexa by using a push-to-talk function.

“Millions of Alexa customers have enjoyed listening to music on Echo devices, and with Amazon Music’s innovative Alexa voice controls, customers can ask for music based on genre, decade, mood, tempo, activity or even the lyrics if they can’t remember the name of a song,” Amazon stated.

“With Alexa in the Amazon Music app, listeners can utilise the power and simplicity of voice functionality, wherever they are,” it added.

For instance, users can ask Amazon to play new songs by specific artistes, music for travelling or a particular genre such as pop.

In August, Amazon introduced the ability to control the Fire TV stick through Alexa and stream music through multiple Echo devices. It is also reportedly preparing a foray into the wearables market with a pair of smart glasses, designed to integrate directly with Alexa.

Meanwhile Apple is preparing to launch HomePod, its own smart speaker, by the year-end. Last week the tech giant launched iOS11 which can turn Siri into a personal DJ.