Co-founder of generative AI (gen AI) platform company QX Lab AI Arjun Prasad (pictured) outlined a plan to push its latest platform into every corner of Europe, promoting it as able to support more than 120 languages including Welsh, Cornish and two forms of Gaelic.

The company’s newly-launched Ask QX Pro expands on the abilities of previous platform Ask QX, which centred on resolving text queries with AI-generated written answers.

Alongside refining its core offer, the new service is able to create other forms of content including images, document analysis and code from text prompts. It supports common European languages as well as those spoken by smaller populations.

QX Lab AI promotes itself as having a goal of “democratising access to generative AI” and claims 15 million users on its original platform.

Its original app was marketed as widening the availability of gen AI tools for non-English speakers with an initial focus on the number of Indian languages supported.

Launching the new product at an event in London, Prasad said Europe was a “crucial market for any technology company like ours, especially given the large number of tech-savvy populations ready to embrace generative AI for personal and professional use”.

The company aims to “replicate the success of Ask QX in the” most remote areas of Europe, the executive said, adding it would focus on “local needs and preferences”.

Ask QX Pro will initially be available as an app for Android devices, with the company planning to employ “strategic partnerships” to grow the platform. It also plans to sell a version to enterprises.

The company pledges to store user data locally in compliance with regional rules and employ comprehensive data protection measures.