LIVE FROM MWC LAS VEGAS 2022: SK Telecom and Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced a partnership to develop a cloud-based computer vision platform, designed to make it easier and more cost effective for the mobile operator’s customers to build, use and scale applications.

Min Yong Ha, chief development officer at SK Telecom, announced the new platform in a video during a keynote address with Adolfo Hernandez, VP of global telco industry for AWS.

Computer vision technology streamlines extraction, analysis, and classification of a single image or a sequence of images to help organisations gain insights. Ha stated one use case will include using AR statistics to provide retail businesses with customer patterns.

“We can also apply this to AI and ML diagnosis solutions that enable veterinarians to diagnose with improved accuracy,” he said. “It can precisely identify the problem, which is difficult for small veterinary clinics to diagnose without video expertise.”

Computer vision can also improve quality assurance and operational efficiencies in agriculture, such as aiding in metadata extraction and image classification to evaluate crop health. It could be used in manufacturing to proactively identify when equipment needs to be serviced.

The computer vision services will blend SK Telecom’s AI models with AWS’s edge services, IoT, database, and storage capabilities.

Hernandez noted the partnership with SK Telecom is exactly what AWS is looking for in terms of combining assets and expertise between two companies to provide new services.

“We are only getting started,” Ha said. “SK Telecom and AWS are looking for global partners who want to further develop innovation in this area.”