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Samsung plans Q1 Pay Mini launch

06 FEB 2017

Samsung Pay Mini – a reduced functionality version of its mobile wallet system app – will be launched across a range of Android devices in South Korea before the end of Q1.

The manufacturer confirmed the new app will feature the ability to make mobile payments while connected to a cellular or Wi-Fi network, in addition to storing loyalty card details and transport tickets. Users will also be able to make online purchases from websites featured in the Samsung “Shopping” service.

Offline payment features have been omitted, but will remain available on its main Samsung Pay app.

Samsung will launch a 5,000-user trial prior to its commercial launch, alongside holding a promotional launch event in February. No details have been released on availability in other markets.

Samsung Pay Mini is compatible with any smartphone running Android 5.0 Lollipop or above with a HD display. This offers the company a much wider potential customer-base than its existing payments platform which can only be used on selected Galaxy and Gear devices.

Last year, rumours emerged suggesting the company had applied – and been turned down for – Apple App Store approval for its mini payment app.

Its flagship Samsung Pay app is being rolled out market-by-market and is widely rumoured to be set for a launch in India during the first half of this year.


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