Ghana’s Ministry of Communications warned operators and other stakeholders to ensure strict compliance to SIM registration rules, blaming lax adherence on aiding mobile money fraud and other illegal activity, Citi Newsroom reported.

In a statement to the news website, the ministry said activation of SIM cards and full compliance with registration regulations must be achieved to avoid a range of criminal activity including: illegal SIM swap; unlawful termination of international traffic; and mobile money fraud.

Ultimately, it added, these processes led to loss of revenue to the state, impersonation and other cybercrime.

The statement follows concerns around the sale of pre-registered SIM cards and fraudulent registration.

In addition to warning operators, the regulator also put out a statement encouraging the public to ensure their SIM was properly registered.

The move comes as Ghana continues tightening its digital national database and systems, including the introduction of a national identity card.