Zain’s digital enterprise unit opened a new ICT hub in Dubai designed to boost its security offering and drive technological initiatives and synergies across its business units.

The Kuwaiti operator said the ICT hub stretches more than 13,000-square feet and is located in Dubai Internet City, where around 3,000 technology companies have a presence including Google and Microsoft. 

ZainTech explained the site will employee 300 employees, tasked with promoting collaboration across the operator’s business units, as well as explore opportunities for market expansion. 

The facility features a network operation centre designed to support and monitor the company’s cloud footprint in the region and a security operating centre “dedicated to efficiently detecting and responding to cyber threats”. 

The latter is ZainTech’s fourth cybersecurity facility.

There will also be a so-called experience centre where ZainTech is expected to showcase live demos of various technologies to customers, including drones, robotics and IoT.

The launch of the ICT hub is aligned with the UAE’s broader economic and digital agenda, added Zain.