PRESS RELEASE: Orange Guinea and Huawei recently completed large-scale deployment of FDD Massive MIMO on the entire network in order to resolve the pain points of insufficient sites, insufficient spectrum resources, and high PRB usage in hotspot areas of Conakry, Guinea’s capital. The deployment of FDD Massive MIMO has helped greatly improve network capacity and user experience, resulting in a network traffic increase of around 32% and a user experience improvement of around 121%. In addition, use of Huawei’s industry-leading beamforming technology reduces the average network load by around 83%. This improvement in cell capacity promotes the rapid development of 4G, not only providing quick profits in the short term, but also helping satisfy traffic growth requirements in the next three years. In addition, this helps lay a foundation for future 5G network infrastructure construction.

Orange Guinea provides industry-leading network performance and continuously offers users the best coverage and user experience. In recent years, with the migration of more and more mobile users to 4G networks and the development of WTTx services, user traffic has continuously increased, causing networks using traditional multi-antenna technologies to become increasingly congested. Therefore, more advanced capacity solutions are urgently required. To address such network requirements, Orange Guinea chose to deploy FDD Massive MIMO in key areas to enable higher spectral efficiency. By utilizing industry-leading intelligent beamforming and intelligent beam scheduling algorithms, Orange Guinea can achieve an up to five-fold capacity gain (compared with 2T3S). The solution is therefore able to effectively relieve traffic suppression and improve indoor experience, thereby resolving network pain points.

Commenting on the deployment, Cheick Ahmed Tidiane Diallo, CTO of Orange Guinea, said, “Orange Guinea is committed to bringing the best communication experience to users through network technology innovation. The large-scale commercial use of Huawei FDD Massive MIMO not only brings excellent network experience to users, but also effectively relieves network congestion in hotspot areas. The achievements of this FDD Massive MIMO large-scale deployment further demonstrate the leading innovation and mature commercial capabilities of Huawei ultra-wide and multi-antenna technology. In the future, Orange Guinea will continue to co-operate closely with Huawei to explore and implement more technological innovations in order to continuously provide users with the best network experience.”