PRESS RELEASE: The Jiangsu branch of China United Network Communications Group Co., Ltd. (China Unicom Jiangsu) and Huawei recently completed the first pilot for a cell coordination solution (eMIMO Pro) on 5G low-frequency (LF) networks in Nanjing.

Field tests show that this solution improves the network rate of cell-edge users (CEUs) by 20%–30%, significantly reducing the impact of intra-network interference on CEU experience.

The construction of 5G low-frequency networks (NR 900 MHz) is the key focus of China Unicom. Interference in the overlapping coverage areas of low-frequency networks seriously affects CEU experience. To address this issue, China Unicom Jiangsu continues to invest in research on intra-network interference.

The operator chose Huawei’s eMIMO Pro, an enhanced MIMO technology for 5G networks, which is specially designed to reduce intra-network interference in the overlapping coverage areas of 5G networks. When a user is in an overlapping coverage area of multiple cells, the signals it receives from these cells have similar levels of strength and are prone to interfering with each other. This decreases the modulation and coding efficiency and affects user experience. With eMIMO Pro, resources are coordinated across cells to allow users in an overlapping coverage area to use different time-frequency resources, thereby avoiding interference. In addition, cells can select the optimal modulation and coding scheme (MCS) for users based on the scheduling information of the serving cell and coordinating cell. As a result, user experience can be improved. Commercial networks carry different types of services, such as news, instant messaging, and videos, which generate data packets of varying sizes. So, users are divided into small-packet and large-packet users based on their services. eMIMO Pro dynamically allocates resources to adapt to service changes. Through precise power control, large-packet users can obtain more power to transmit large data blocks more efficiently, while small-packet users receive just enough power. This improves power utilization and reduces unnecessary inter-cell interference. A test in the Jiangbei New Area of Nanjing showed that eMIMO Pro significantly improved the experience of CEUs and maximized the potential of 5G low-frequency networks.

China Unicom Jiangsu keeps innovating to promote the construction of new digital information infrastructure, not only for providing better ICT services but also for fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities. Its vision is to build a digital and smart society where everyone can benefit from ICT development.