Google is reportedly set to unveil one or more Android One devices in India toward the middle of this month.

The speculation has been sparked by an invitation by the company for an event on 15 September.

Android One was launched earlier this year, and is intended to drive the use of Android in even lower-cost smartphones.

The fast-growing Indian market was identified as a target market, for devices with pricing sub-$100.

Android One includes both a hardware reference platform and Android in its stock form, increasing the reach of Google-controlled products and services.

By sharing a hardware and software platform across device makers, the development cost and time to market for new products can be cut.

While hardware partners for this month’s mooted launch have not been revealed, at the time Android One was unveiled Micromax, Karbonn and Spice were named – and NDTV said that others are believed to have joined in the interim.

The head of Karbonn recently said that Android One will be an important tool for growing shipments, with Google being supportive of its efforts.