Qualcomm decided “not to commercialise” its Snapdragon 802 processor, citing weakness in demand for products targeting the smart TV market.

The product was unveiled at CES 2014 earlier this year, at which point Steve Mollenkopf, the company’s incoming CEO, touted the potential for Qualcomm to take its mobile expertise into adjacent markets such as smart TVs, wearables and the automotive sector.

“The one thread that ties that all together is that the innovation that starts in mobile is bleeding into new adjacent industries,” he said.

In a statement, Jon Carvill, senior director of public relations for the chipmaker, said that “overall demand for processors uniquely designed for smart TVs has proven to be smaller than anticipated”.

Snapdragon 802 was said to be “the first fully-integrated system-on-chip designed for next-generation smart TVs, set-top boxes and smart digital media adaptors”.

It was expected to begin sampling soon, for use in commercial products late this year.