Elisa Estonia CEO Sami Seppanen reportedly slammed a draft government proposal to restrict the role of non-European vendors from 5G networks, as questions continue to be asked about Huawei’s role across the region.

In an interview with public broadcaster Eesti Rahvusringhaaling (ERR) the executive pointed to the use of components originating in China by the vast majority of technology suppliers, adding restrictions would be a political move based on “false assumptions about the security risks Huawei presents”.

Seppanen said technology from all major vendors was built to essentially the same standard, with network kit from a mix of suppliers protecting against each other. He added no backdoors had been identified in Huawei equipment and any engineer familiar with the technology finding the suggestion laughable.

The comments come a day after the emergence of an outline of draft regulations from Estonia’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

In a separate report, ERR explained the proposal, if adopted, would see authorities assign a security rating to each vendor which would clear them to supply specific technologies.

Points will reportedly be awarded for elements including being based within the European Union (EU) and listed on a public stock exchange.

The leak of the draft regulation comes days after the European Commission applied pressure on member states to step-up activities to secure operator 5G supply chains and reduce reliance on vendors deemed high risk.

In the wake of a ban on the use of Huawei in 5G networks in the UK, speculation on the stance of EU countries has been under the microscope by politicians and media in a number of countries.