INTERVIEW: Marc Allera, CEO of BT’s consumer division (pictured), questioned why telecoms was one of the only industries where it is not possible to explore a two-sided business model, as he reiterated calls for a revamp of net neutrality laws in the UK.

In an interview with Mobile World Live at MWC23, Allera weighed into the so-called fair share debate which dominated many of the keynotes, as operator heavyweights heightened pressure on technology companies to pay a part of the cost for infrastructure to run their content.

Allera said telecoms is one of the few global industries where it was difficult to have “a sensible conversation around a two-sided business model and the relative contribution of all partners on the platform”.

He added net neutrality formed part of the wider discussion, highlighting principles were written more than two decades ago and the way the internet operates has since evolved.

Allera highlighted a number of issues which could be addressed in a review of net neutrality rules by UK regulator Ofcom, including massive data growth, content moving to IP and pressure on operator margins.

“When you look at the value chain across content players, networks, governments and regulators, is there a new way and a better way? I think there is.”

In the interview, Allera also discussed his stance on consolidation, the company’s joint venture with Warner Bros. Discovery and a move to place EE at the heart of BT’s consumer offering.

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