The GSMA partnered with IBM to support adoption of generative AI (GenAI) solutions in telecoms through the launch of two initiatives set-up by the industry group designed to bridge skills gaps and drive use cases.

The industry association stated it would work with IBM through a dedicated programme, the first in a new series of courses developed by its GSMA Advance training arm to prepare telecoms leaders for the AI era.

The training programme was designed for telecoms executives and will equip GSMA members with skills and knowledge to effectively use GenAI using IBM’s AI and data platform watsonx.

Members will have access to IBM watsonx through the GSMA Foundry Generative AI programme, which provides players with a platform to explore industry-specific use cases for the technology and ultimately improve cost leadership, revenue growth and enhance customer experience.

The two organisations believe GenAI holds “tremendous potential” to improve all manner of operations and customer engagement, including customer care, IT and network optimisation.

GSMA CTO Alex Sinclair said AI provides the telecoms industry and societies with huge opportunities, but added it is critical the technology is democratised to ensure all parts of the connectivity industry benefit.

“Bringing operators access to AI tools and knowledge, alongside the necessary skills, access and training, is key to achieving this,” he added.

Spanning a wide range of topics spanning fundamental AI principles to specialised applications in telecoms, the GSMA Advance training programme will take place at five IBM offices in the UAE, UK, Mexico, US and South Korea. An online programme will also be available.

GSMA Advance’s training courses span areas including AI, cybersecurity, spectrum policy, and GSMA Open Gateway.