LIVE FROM DTW 2024, COPENHAGEN: As Nvidia leapfrogged Microsoft to become the world’s most valuable company, Chris Penrose, global head of business development of telecoms (pictured, second left), took to the stage to discuss the AI chip giant’s next steps and plans for the mobile industry.

Nvidia‘s shares rose 3.5 per cent on Tuesday (18 June) to $135.58, increasing market capitalisation to $3.34 trillion in a feat that saw it surge past Microsoft, after topping Apple earlier this month.

It has been fuelled by a boom in demand for AI chips and its growth has been rapid, with its value only hitting the $2 trillion mark in February.

Penrose, who received a round of applause from the keynote audience as the company’s latest feat was announced, thanked all of its partners “that really made this possible for us”.

He said the company’s overriding focus is to bring AI capabilities to the marketplace, and it wanted to build platforms and tools to enable people to create amazing things.

He declined to comment on how valuable he believed the company could become, but made it clear the company was set on driving innovation and to continue to work with the wider technology ecosystem.

Addressing its work with the telecoms industry directly, Penrose set out a three-step plan. Firstly, he said Nvidia was focused on building purpose-built solutions, resulting in a ‘constellation of AI models” being orchestrated, each of which provides a speciliased offering in different areas.

Second, he focused on the demand for infrastructure and finally, he addressed embedding AI into the network.

With the demand for AI chips continuing to grow, Penrose added Nvidia was working to improve production.