A South African company is aiming to compete with the world’s smartphone giants by launching its own device tailored to the needs of African consumers, reports Reuters.

Telecoms equipment maker Seemahale Telecoms plans to build an Android-based device similar in appearance to Samsung’s Galaxy S4, which it will sell for around ZAR2,500 ($260). It will have a 5-inch touchscreen and a battery life of more than a day.

Seemahale founder Thabo Lehlokoe told Reuters that these kinds of features will resonate in Africa due to the relative lack of home computers and fixed line telephony, and difficulty for users in accessing power to charge their gadgets.

Although the components for the Seemahale smartphone will come from Taiwan and China, the devices will be assembled in South Africa.

Lehlokoe said he intends to find partner firms to distribute the smartphone across the continent. The device has been designed to allow operators to rebrand them with their own logos.

Africa is likely to be a major growth market for smartphones due to a rapidly increasing population and rising incomes, along with government efforts to improve connectivity.