Verizon teamed with Movandi, Pivotal Commware and Wistron NeWeb Corporation (WNC) to broaden the reach of its mmWave 5G network.

The operator said it will use the vendors’ “cutting-edge extender technology” to boost indoor and outdoor coverage, addressing key issues relating to the high-frequency spectrum’s low propagation and penetration characteristics.

Verizon said the move will also allow more devices to connect to its network.

The move builds on an earlier agreement with Boingo Wireless to improve indoor 5G coverage.

Alongside the announcement, Verizon revealed San Diego would be the latest city in its mmWave push, bringing the total to 35 when the network is lit on 28 May.

The operator revealed its vendor collaboration as benchmarking company OpenSignal released a report ranking Verizon as one of the world’s top performers in terms of 5G data rates.

OpenSignal’s data covered the US, UK, Australia and South Korea. But, while it topped the speed list, Verizon ranked last in terms of coverage, with domestic rival T-Mobile US taking this honour.